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AWS Import/Export - How to Update Import- Export job?

You can update your AWS Import/ Export Job by sending an HTTP POST Request to AWS Server. You will need to define the Job using the Job ID which was returned in the CreateJob response to update that. You can update a job request by modifying the original manifest in the request (you can also create new manifest and replace with original).

You can update your job only after submitting a CreateJob request, but remember your request will only be accepted if the data transfer has not started for your job.

You can submit a CreateJob Request in two ways explained below:

Update Job using AWS Import/Export Rest API UpdateJob Request

If you are a programmer, you can write your own program to use AWS Import/ Export REST API UpdateJob Request (Refer to AWS Documentation site for details on SOAP APIs). To update job you will need to send an HTTP POST Request to AWS Server. For that, you need to have a Job ID, which you want to update and second, the updated manifest in encoded form.

Steps to update job using REST API

  1. First modify the original manifest which you want to update for the specific job ID or create a new manifest.
  2. URL-encode the modified manifest file.
  3. Send an UpdateJob Request.
  4. Amazon Import/Export returns a response to notify you whether Amazon import/export service was able to update your job or not.


content-type: application/x-www-form-urlencoded;charset=utf-8
content-length: 741

Action=UpdateJob&JobId= JOBID &Manifest=manifestVersion
max-age%3D3600&JobType= Import &AWSAccessKeyId=


Update Job using Bucket Explorer

Bucket Explorer lets you update the Import/ Export Job with mouse clicks without writing a single line of code. Bucket Explorer allows you to update Import-Export job using its friendly user interface. Using this feature, you can modify the parameters specified in the manifest. You cannot perform the update if the job has been started or completed.

update import export job

Follow these steps to update Import-Export Job:

  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. All the buckets are listed.
  3. Choose option Add-Ins->AWS Import Export .
  4. It will display a window with a list of created import/export jobs.
  5. Select a particular job from the list jobs table for updating.
  1. Click on "Update Job" icon in toolbar of list jobs window.
  2. It will open update import/export job window as type of job. This window contains the old manifest details of the selected job.
  3. Modify manifest details as you want.
  4. After that, click on "Update" button to update your changes.
  5. It will update the job with the updated manifest details.