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Amazon S3 - How to Update the Default ACL on selected Bucket?

You can set  Bucket default ACL on all objects  in a bucket  using ‘setacltodefault’ action in Bucket Commander .

Follow the steps bellow to set Default Amazon S3 ACL Using Bucket Commander

  1. Run Bucket Commander using the steps mentioned in the following page:
    How to run Bucket Commander
  2. Run command prompt and give the following command:
    –action: setacltodefault [-authenticate: nick-name] –bucketname :< name-of-bucket>  And run it.
  3. As soon as you execute the command, the default ACL of the specified bucket will be set to all objects.
  4. Note- For the second argument –bucketname is not supplied ,than it prompts to enter –bucketname and redirect you to the help page for Commander.