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How to Upgrade Bucket Explorer?

You can upgrade the current version of Bucket Explorer to get the new functionality. The older version is compatible with the newer version of Bucket Explorer.

To upgrade Bucket Explorer follow these steps:

  • If you have installed Bucket Explorer using installer then-
    1. Download the latest Installer from the  download page.
    2. Now when you install Bucket Explorer again, it will ask for two options namely; Add/Reinstall or Uninstall.
    3. If you select Add/Reinstall option and choose the same location, it will rename the old Bucket Explorer and install the new version on the same location. You can also install Bucket Explorer on a different location to have both versions.
    4. If you select Uninstall option, it will uninstall the older version from the system. After uninstalling you have to install the new version that you have downloaded in the first step.
    5. Now, simply activate the product again.

             Note : If you purchase Bucket Explorer, you will get FREE upgrades of Bucket Explorer for 1 year from the date of purchase.

  • If you are using the Zip version of Bucket Explorer then-
    1. Download the latest zip version from the  download page.
    2. Extract the Downloaded zip file to your local file system.
    3. Run the Extracted Executable file and Activate the product.
If you are using the Zip version of Bucket Explorer, you need not to delete the older version. You can just download the zip version to another folder and activate both versions at the same time. This is a very powerful feature of Bucket Explorer i.e. you can run both versions in parallel for a while until you are happy with the new version.
Note: If you are upgrading the product with the same version i.e. you are using Bucket Explorer 2010.04.00.00 and there are some updates in the same version available for download; say - Bucket Explorer 2010.04.00.01 then you need not to activate the product again.

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