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How to View Amazon S3 Objects with Absolute Full Path or Folder like view?

Bucket Explorer allows you to see S3 object listing for selected bucket in these two formats:
  1. Folder View : By default, the object listing is done in “Folder View” . It lists the S3 objects similar to local file system .
  2. Show Full Path : This will list all the S3 objects for the selected bucket at root level instead of supernumerary hierarchy. As we do not have folder structure at Amazon, “Show Full Path” will list the object with their full path without sustaining the folder structure.
Example : If user selects a bucket ' A ' that contains a folder A1 and some objects as a1, a2, a3 at root level and b1, b2 in folder A1 , Then
  1. List of object according “Show full path” format will be :
    • A1/
    • A1/b1
    • A1/b2
    • a1
    • a2
    • a3
  2. List of object according to Folder View :
    • A1
    • a1
    • a2
    • a3

How to list the object in 'Show Full Path' format:

  1. Run Bucket Explorer and get authenticated with your saved credentials.
  2. Select a bucket from bucket table.
  3. It will list the object in object table.
  4. By default, the object listing is done in “Folder View” .
    To change it to “Show Full Path” format, click on the “Show Full Path” button at the top right corner of object table window.
  5. It will display the object list in full path format. And Show Full path button changes into “Folder view” button.
  6. To go back to Folder View listing, click on “Folder View” button.
  7. If you click on any bucket, it will show you the object listing in Folder view.