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Amazon S3 - Manage Bucket Permissions With Access Control List (ACL)

Access Control List (ACL) plays an important role in allowing you to manage access to your Buckets. ACL is a mechanism which decides who can access what. By default, it is the Bucket owner who has full permission on the Bucket. He/she can list the Bucket, create the Bucket, or delete the Bucket. Bucket ACLs are completely independent from Object ACLs. This means that ACLs set on the Bucket can be different from the ACLs set on the Object. You can share your Bucket with your friends (AWS Authenticated Users) by Email Id or by Canonical Id. It is also possible to share your Buckets with non-Authenticated Users. In that case, if the Bucket owner wants to make his/her Bucket public with all internet users, then he/she needs to give appropriate permissions to All Users. With that, any user can access the Bucket.

We highly recommend that you access your Bucket in an authenticated way to keep your data safe from unauthorized access.

For more information about Bucket ACL, click on Access Control List (ACL) .