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How to use quick connect menu in Bucket Explorer for Amazon S3?

Quick connect option is available in Bucket Explorer to help you login quickly. When you login for the first time, your credentials will be saved with password or without password to an xml file on your machine which can be used later to connect by a single click only.

Initially by providing Access and Secret key , you can also provide an identity name. Your credentials are saved to the system with the identity name you provided. Now when you start your application later, rather than keying in that complex access and secret key, you can simply click on Quick connect button. It will open a list which contains the identity name you provided earlier. By selecting the identity name, your corresponding credentials are filled in due spaces of Access key, Secret key and Name textbox and the application will start to establish connection with S3 server.

As an example, if you have two accounts with two different sets of Access Key and Secret Key pair, you can choose to save both of them when you access those accounts for the first time. In the example, we can use two email addresses, say and to explain that - IT WILL BE EASY TO REMEMBER THE ACCOUNT BY EMAIL ADDRESS INSTEAD OF REMEMBERING IT BY THAT LONG AWS KEY.

So as the title suggests, quick connect helps you to connect to the server quickly as you don’t have to remember the long keys.You just have to click on save credentials and provide password if you have saved credentials with password

  1. Clear History:

    Clear History option is also available with Quick Connect. This option will remove all the saved credentials from Quick connect and from xml.
    • Run Bucket Explorer.
    • Open "Quick Connect" popup menu -> "Clear History" .
  2. Edit Credential:

    With this option, you can edit your saved credentials. You can add a new credential, Edit existing credentials and remove credentials.

    To Edit Credential, you should follow the following steps:
    • Run Bucket Explorer.
    • Open "Quick Connect" popup menu -> "Edit Credentials..." .
    • A window of "Edit Credential" will open with columns for Name , Access Key , and Secret Key values that are saved in xml file.
    • Three options can also be seen in this window:-
      1. Add :

        1. Clicking on this will open one dialog box that will ask for Name, access Key, Secret Key and password which you want to store in an xml file. Here, password is an optional field. If you want to save your credentials with password, you can use it.
        2. You can only save the access key & Secret key with a different name i.e. The name you provided shouldn’t exist in quick connect menu.
        3. Click on Save button.
      2. Edit :

        1. Select the row that you want to edit in the Edit Credentials dialog box.
        2. Click on Edit button.
        3. If credentials are saved with password, it will ask for the decryption key.
        4. Enter the password to decrypt your credentials. It must be the one that you have given at the time of encrypting your credentials.
        5. Click on OK .
        6. Click on Save button.
      3. Remove :

        1. Select the row that you want to remove in Edit credentials window.
        2. Click on Remove button.
        3. Click on Save button.
        4. You can no longer see the removed account in quick popup list.

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