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Amazon S3 - Reduced Redundancy Storage Class

Reduced Redundancy Storage (RRS) is a type of Amazon S3 Storage Class , which allows you to reduce AWS storage costs by storing non-critical, reproducible data at lower redundancy levels, compared to Amazon S3's standard redundancy. Reduced Redundancy Storage Type does not replicate Amazon S3 objects to different data centers as many times as standard Amazon S3 storage. All objects in Amazon S3 has default STANDARD Storage Class Type. You can use an optional header on a PUT request to upload the Object as REDUCED_REDUNDANCY Class Type.

uou can Upload file(s) as Reduced Redundancy Storage Class Type either using Amazon S3 API PUT Object OR using Bucket Explorer User Interface. To use Amazon S3 API, you will need to write your own software program, however, if you do not want to write your program, you can use Bucket Explorer User Interface to upload file(s) as RRS using mouse clicks.

The below two sections describe how you can Upload file(s) as Reduced Redundancy Storage Class Type using the PUT Object request in your code or using Bucket Explorer.

1. Upload file(s) as Reduced Redundancy Storage Class Type using Amazon REST API- PUT Object

To create Object, you can request PUT Object. To store an Object using Reduced Redundancy, you can set x-amz-storage-class request header to REDUCED_REDUNDANCY. To authenticate the request, you must have WRITE permissions on a Bucket.


PUT / ObjectName HTTP/1.1
Host: BucketName
Date: date
Authorization: signatureValue
x-amz-storage-class: REDUCED_REDUNDANCY

2. Upload file(s) as Reduced Redundancy Storage Class Type using Bucket Explorer

While the "PUT Object" of AWS allows you to add an object to a Bucket and setting x-amz-storage class to REDUCED_REDUNDANCY with PUT request will upload file(s) as Reduced Redundancy Class type.

Bucket Explorer allows you to assign S3 object(s) as REDUCED REDUNDANCY STORAGE Class Type while uploading files from local to Amazon S3, without having to write any software program. You can also view a specific storage class type of existing version and S3 object(s) in properties window. S3 object(s) with  REDUCED REDUNDANCY STORAGE  Class Type will appear with different color in object(s) listing.

Follow the steps :

  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. Get authenticated and list all S3 Buckets.
  3. Select S3 Bucket in which you want to upload.
  4. Select local file from Table/Tree View Explorer that you want to upload as Reduced Redundancy Storage class type.
  5. Right click and choose Upload as Reduced Redundancy Storage .
  6. After uploading successfully, refresh S3 object listing.
  7. Select the recently uploaded S3 object and click on Properties button from object toolbar.
  8. See its Storage-Class. Selected S3 object has Reduced Redundancy Storage class type.