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Amazon S3 - Report of S3 Operations performed in Bucket Commander

Bucket Commander has a feature that allows you to get confirmation report about completion of commander operations (upload/ download/ copy) via Email. Using this feature, you can get information like start and end time of operation, status of operation, source and destination, and details about failed operation, if any operation fails.

If you want to get commander report via email, follow the steps below:

  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. From the menu bar, open Tools -> Advanced -> Commander -> Edit Commander config file.
  3. The “Bucket Commander Operation” window will open.
  4. Define any of the operation (copy/download/upload) and save the details.
  5. Go to Tools -> Email Configuration and provide the SMTP details. Save the configuration. Ensure the Status is ON in Email Configuration.
  6. Now run Bucket Commander on command prompt with parameters like
    -action:upload/download/copy -authenticate:<nick-name> -emailprofile:<name specified in email configuration>
  7. After completion of the given operation, you will get a message that says “The email has been sent successfully”.
  8. Open your Email account that was given in “To”/”Cc”/”Bcc” text fields and you can find the mail with report about Commander operation status with time, source, and destination.