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Amazon S3 - Right Click Options on Local Files and Folders

right click options on local files and folders

  1. Create folder :
    This option is used to create a new folder on the selected location in local drive.
  2. Refresh :
    This option is used to refresh the listing of local files and folders on left panel.
  3. Rename :
    This option is used to change the name of the selected file/ folder.
  4. Properties :
    This option displays the Meta information like modified date, Type of file, Location and Size, about a selected file or folder.
  5. Upload :
    This option is used to upload selected File(S) and Folder(S).
  6. Upload as HTML :
    Browsers, usually, do not allow you to open and read files like -doc., gif etc., and if you want to do so, you have to download the files first. However, if you use the 'Upload as HTML' option of Bucket Explorer, you can easily open and read such files on the browser without having to download them. All you have to do is just upload the files as HTML

    This is how you can carry out the operation:
    1. Select a bucket.
    2. Select the file(s) in the local explorer view, and right click to choose the option "Upload as HTML".
    3. After uploading, you can view the contents of the file(s) on the browser.
  7. Upload with custom header :
    Amazon stores the default Metadata information like file type, creation date, modified date etc. with the files which are known as system Metadata. Amazon S3 uses these Metadata. You can store your personal information such as custom headers or user Metadata like name, company name, and phone numbers etc, so that you can distinguish specific files. If you want to update user Metadata information of a file, you can upload the file(s) with Custom Headers. Using this option you can add new custom header/ user Metadata and can remove the existing one.

    To carry out this operation, just follow the instructions given below:
    1. Select the bucket.
    2. Select the file(s) in local explorer view, and right click to choose option "Upload with Custom Headers".
    3. Specify the header name and value that you want to store in your file(s). Then start uploading.
    4. After uploading, you can view the header information by selecting these files from Amazon. Right click and choose "Properties" option to see the  updated user Metadata .
  8. Add to queue :
    This option is used to add selected object in queue for upload.
  9. Select left side to compare :
    This option is used to compare selected File(S) and Folder (S) with objects on right side.

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