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Amazon S3 - Schedule Commander on Windows OS

Bucket commander is a command line interface for Amazon S3 , which helps the user in scheduling some tasks related to S3 buckets /files as per schedule.

To Schedule Bucket Commander, follow the steps below:

  1. Click on Start -> Control Panel -> Scheduled Tasks -> Add Scheduled Task.
  2. A schedule Task wizard will open.
  3. Select BucketCommander.exe from your local machine.
  4. Select Schedule type as weekly, monthly, Daily, etc.
  5. Select start time and date.
  6. Give username and password.
  7. Select check box of advanced properties for Scheduling.
  8. Update parameters in run text box after BucketCommander.exe which will look like
    Example: C:/BucketExplorer/BucketCommander.exe –action:upload
  9. Click on Apply button. It will ask for username and password.
  10. Provide username and password and click on "Ok" button.
  1. Now see Scheduled Tasks. Here you can see your added task (Bucket Commander).
  2. Right Click on Bucket Commander, click on properties and you will be able to see the scheduled time and date which you have set.
  3. Bucket Commander will run as per Scheduled time which you've set.