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Share an Amazon S3 Object with Others

To be able to share files with your friends, you need some way to make it available publicly. Bucket Explorer’s "Generate Web URL" option helps you in this regard. Bucket Explorer allows you to generate four  basic types of URL.

Since Bucket Explorer now supports Amazon S3 versioning, you can share versions objects with your friends as well. You can make these versions publicly available by generating their Web URL.

Follow the steps below to generate Web URL for Amazon S3 file:

  1. Right click on an object and choose "Generate Web URL" option.
  2. It will open "Generate Web URL" window.
  3. Using the options available in the window, you can generate Time Limited / Signed [1] Torrent [2] http [3] or  https [4]   URL. . By default, it will generate http URL of selected objects in the text area.
  4. For Time Limited / Signed URL:
    1. To specify the Date-Time, click on " Expire after [5]   date picker.
    2. Choose your desired month and year then click on "Date".
    3. [Optional]   Specify the Expiry Time ( 24 hrs format ).
  5. Now click on "Signed URL" button to generate Time Limited URL .
  6. You can copy the URL from here by clicking on "Copy" and "Copy All" button.
  7. Paste the copied URL on the address bar of your browser to run it.

  1. ˆ  Time Limited : "Signed URL" is the URL that is valid for a specific period of time. That's why, it is also known as "Time Limited Signed URL" . After the expiry time, the URL will no longer remain active and if user attempts to access the URL once it has expired, he/she will only find some "Request has expired" message. The Signed URL can be generated for all version objects.
  2. ˆ  Torrent URL : "Torrent URL" generates a URL that is in the form of Torrent file. Using this URL, object can be downloaded with a Torrent client application. Since this application fetches data from various sources, it saves both time and bandwidth usage. It also eliminates the dependency from the particular host. To generate the torrent URL, you need to click on "Torrent URL"
  3. ˆ  Http URL : It is the most common and popular format of URL. To generate http URL, you need to click on "HTTP URL" button to get the http:// format.
  4. ˆ  Https URL : It is also an http URL but works over secure socket layer. In other words, https works over secure mechanism. It is useful when a user wants secure communication of response/request between client servers. Generally, it is used with commercial exchange of data. To generate https URL, you need to click on "HTTPS URL" button to get the https:// format.
  5. ˆ  Expire after : It is a Date picker or calendar where user can choose the expiration date-time. By default, Bucket Explorer shows you the current Date and Time from your local system.
  6. ˆ  24 hrs time format : This is optional. User can manually edit the time. Time should be in 24 Hour format ( HH:MM:SS ). For example: 21:30:59