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Amazon S3 - Share and Access your Favorite songs and videos

Now, limited space in your hard disk won’t keep you far from having a large collection of your favorite music and movies collection. Amazon S3 gives you space limited only by your imagination. This option not only gives you the privilege to store data but also allows you to access it anytime, anywhere without the need of downloading it. You can also share these files by virtue of Bucket Explorer.

To make your data publicly available, you just need to upload all music files in a Bucket. For example, you wish to upload mp3 files in Bucket “MySongs”, just upload it using the given functionality, and then manage ACL ( Access Control List ) of that Bucket as well as of files contained in it.

Now generate the list of public URLs of all mp3 and video files which you want to access or share remotely. You can also generate the Torrent URL which not only improves your download performance but reduces data transfer rate as well. This helps us save substantial amount of monthly bills.

Now add the URL in your mp3 or video player. The example shown here is of Windows Media Player.

  • Go to File --- > Open URL

    open Add url file menu option
  • Paste the Public URL in add URL window.

    add amazon s3 url of songs to media player
  • Click on OK and start playing the mp3 song.

You’re done. Enjoy your music.