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Share Amazon S3 Objects with URLs Introduction


With Web URL, you can share files with your friends using the URLs that you have generated. You can also make the file publicly available and readable or not. You can also set a specific time for the URL to be available.

How to perform Web URL Operations?

  • Using Bucket Explorer

    You can perform a Web URL operation using Bucket Explorer.

You can perform the following Web URL operations:
  • Generate Web URL: You can generate Web URL to be able to share files with your friends. Check the link to know the steps and to get more details on how to Generate Web URL .

Types of Domain Name:

  • Amazon S3 Bucket
  • CloudFront Distribution Domain
  • CloudFront CNAME
  • S3 Website
  • CustomDomain

URL Protocol Types:

  • Http
  • Https

URL Formats:

  • Default URL
  • Virtual Host URL
  • Torrent URL
  • Signed URL