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Storage Calculator For Amazon S3

Bucket Explorer supports the feature to evaluate each folder/file size that exists in a particular bucket or we can say the size of complete bucket.

Storage Calculator provides folders/files details in tree view. From that, you can view each folder's folders/files by expanding the node and their respective sizes. After successfully listing the bucket, the size information of the bucket is added at the bottom table. This table shows details of all listed buckets. You can also show the last listed bucket information in tree view by double clicking on the corresponding row of the bucket.

Steps to calculate size of each Virtual Folder and Files for Amazon S3 Bucket using Bucket Explorer:

  1. Run Bucket Explorer and get authenticated with your saved credentials.
  2. Go to Tools >> Storage Calculator .
  3. A panel will open entitled Storage Calculator .
  4. Select Amazon S3 Bucket name from the drop-down list situated at the top of the panel and click on Calculate button.
  5. You will get a list of Amazon S3 Objects in tree view with their respective sizes in table at the middle of the panel.
  6. You can explore any folder up to any level in-depth and you will find Amazon S3 Objects with their respective sizes.
  1. You can see Amazon S3 Bucket name for which listing of S3 Objects is being processed with Bucket Location , and count of total Virtual Folders and Files at the bottom of the table.
  2. If Amazon S3 Bucket has many S3 Objects , then storage calculator will crawl and calculate its size in background and you will see gradually increasing in Size and counts of Virtual Folders and Files in the table.
  3. Total size of selected Amazon S3 Bucket will be shown at the top right hand side corner.
  4. After completion of listing of S3 Objects and their respective Sizes , you can select any other Amazon S3 Bucket from the drop-down whose size of folders and files you want Storage Calculator to calculate for you.
  5. The Amazon S3 Buckets for which Storage Calculator have calculated the size of Virtual Folders and Files are being listed at the bottom of the panel in Bucket Details table.
  6. If you wish to see the calculated size of Virtual Folders and Files of a bucket , then double click on any row in Bucket Details table and you will get the list of Virtual Folders and Files with their respective Sizes previously calculated for a bucket .