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Amazon S3 - What are my AWS Access and Secret Key?

Click here to login to your S3 account to find your AWS access key.

Amazon provides storage services to store data in form of files and folders. This easy to use mechanism allows you to store and retrieve service from Amazon server. To use any service on web, a User ID and Password is required. The AWS Access Key and Secret Key serve as ID and Password to access Amazon S3.

To start with, one should have an account in Amazon S3 , which upon activation can be accessed using the credentials mentioned above. Once you're logged in to Amazon successfully, you can perform various useful operations such as upload , download and set or revoke permissions .

To learn more about AWS ACCESS key and SECRET Key, read on.

AWS access key

This is actually a  username . It is alphanumeric text string that uniquely identifies the user who owns the account. No two accounts can have the same AWS Access Key.

AWS Secret key

This key plays the role of a  password . It's called secret because it is assumed to be known by the owner only that's why, when you type it in the given box, its displayed as asterisk or dots. A Password with Access Key forms a secure information set that confirms the user's identity. You are advised to keep your Secret Key in a safe place.

While connecting to S3 using Bucket Explorer, you have to provide these two keys. You will be logged in automatically provided your keys are absolutely correct otherwise you will get an appropriate error message.

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