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Comparison between Amazon S3 and Amazon CloudFront

Amazon S3 provides a storage service on the internet while Amazon CloudFront is a web service for content delivery. Amazon S3 uses its own global network of websites while Amazon CloudFront delivers your content through a worldwide network of edge locations. Major differences in the features of both these services are mentioned below:

Comparative features of Amazon S3 and CloudFront

  Feature Amazon S3 Amazon CloudFront
https (SSL) to encrypt the communication Use S3 for https(SSL). CloudFront does support this feature
Refresh file Changes With S3, changes in files are almost instant so files that change frequently should be used with S3. With CloudFront, default Min TTL is 0 sec and you can set it 0 sec to ~100years.
Server Access Logging S3 supports Server Access Logging. As of May 6th, 2009, CloudFront supports Access Logging
Root support S3 allow Root support via S3 Website. CloudFront also allow Root support.
Edge locations :
Sites which Amazon CloudFront uses to cache copies of requested content for faster delivery to end users.
S3 does not support Edge locations. CloudFront supports this feature so user can access requested content faster.
CNAME support :
[A CNAME specifies an alias or nickname for a domain name system.]
S3 allows only one CNAME. CloudFront allows upto 10 CNAMEs for now. This allows distributing the content from multiple hosts while keeping them in a single bucket ( a browser usually only uses 4 parallel connections to a single host, if you have several images / media files on a single page, then serving them from multiple hosts would allow simultaneous downloads) - the advantage of a single CNAME is that you can switch between S3 & CloudFront instantly by just changing the CNAME on your DNS server, if you keep the bucket name same as the CNAME of your CloudFront distribution.
Accessibility S3 allows download first and then view the object CloudFront allows download as well as streaming access to view the object.