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How to Create Distribution for Custom Origin?

Custom Origin: Now you can customize the origin information to associate with the distribution. You can create distribution for S3 Origin as well as Custom Origin (Non S3 Origin).

Create Distribution for Custom Origin:

  1. Click on  Distribution tool button in Bucket toolbar.
  2. You will get the listing of distribution.
  3. To create new distribution, choose " New " icon from the toolbar of List distribution window.
  4. It will open a new window to create distribution. Select Download Distribution and click on Next.
  5. Now you will get the  General Distribution Details panel.
  6. Here, fill in details like : Default Root Object, Price Class, Cname, Comments, set logging (Include Cookies [Optional]. Then Click on Next button.
  7. Now you will get the  Origin panel. Here select Non S3 Origin tab.
  8. Fill in here the required details:
    • DNS Name (For example:
    • Http port
    • Https Port
    • Protocol policy: Http-Only or Match-Viewer.
  9. After entering these values, click on Add button to add these details in the below table.
  10. Now click on Next button.
  11. Now you will get  Cache Behavior Details panel.
  12. Enter details like:
    • Path pattern (Not needed for default domain)
    • AWS Account Number in Trusted Signers list.
    • [1] Viewer Protocol Policy : Allow all or Https only.
    • Min TTL.
    • Query String as ON or OFF
    • Forward Cookies: All, None and WhiteList
    • Select check box to make it Default
    • Then click on Add button to add the details in the below table.
  13. Now click on Create button to create Custom Distribution.
Note: You can add multiple Origin Details (S3 or Non-S3) in Distribution.


Update Distribution for Custom Origin :

  1. Select Custom Orgin Distribution from list distribution panel.
  2. To update a custom origin, select it then click on Update button situated at listing distribution panel.
  3. Make changes as you want like HTTPS/HTTP  and Policy.
  4. click on Update . It takes time to get deployed.

Note- You cannot use S3 Origin and Custom Origin in the same distribution.

ˆ   Viewer Protocol Policy- The origin protocol policy to apply to your origin. If you specify http-only, CloudFront will use HTTP only to access the origin. If you specify match-viewer type, CloudFront will fetch from your origin using HTTP or HTTPS, based on the protocol of the viewer request.


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