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CloudFront - How to Get List of Invalidation Batches (GET Invalidation List)?

What do you mean by Invalidation?

Invalidation is a CloudFront feature, which removes a distribution object from an edge server cache before the expiration time. It is similar to object expiration. Invalidation first clears the object from the edge server cache and then requests for the object from the origin to fetch the latest version of the object.

This is an important feature because when you upload the updated version of an existing object in your Bucket, until that object expires (after default 24Hr), that object can not be fetched through distribution. For that reason, you need CloudFront Invalidation. In this documentation, we will only discuss Amazon's REST API

List CloudFront Invalidations by sending Http GET Request to Amazon's Server

You can send a Http GET Request to get a List CloudFront Invalidations in two ways:

  1. List CloudFront Invalidation using Amazon S3 APIs- If you are a software developer and want to write your own code, you can use Amazon's API to list CloudFront Invalidations.
  2. List CloudFront Invalidation using Bucket Explorer - If you are not a developer and do not want to write your own program, you can still List CloudFront Invalidations using Bucket Explorer, with your mouse clicks.

Read the below two sections for steps involved in the above listed options to List CloudFront Invalidations.

1. Listing CloudFront Invalidation using REST API

To list CloudFront invalidations, you will need to send a GET Request on the 2013-05-12/ distribution / distribution ID / invalidation resource. It returns the list of Invalidation that exists in your account ordered from newest to oldest .

Syntax :

GET/2013-05-12/distribution/ distribution ID /invalidation?Marker= value &MaxItems= value HTTP/1.1
Authorization: AWS authentication string
Other required headers

2. Listing CloudFront Invalidation using Bucket Explorer

  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. Choose "Distribution->List Distribution" icon in Bucket table toolbar or right click on any bucket and select "Manage Distribution" option.
  3. It will display a "Distribution" panel with the list of already created distributions.
  4. Right click on any selected domain from the list and choose "Get CloudFront Invalidation List" in the popup menu option.
  5. This will show you List CloudFront Invalidation Panel with list of created Invalidation.