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CloudFront - How to Update Public Streaming Distribution (GET Streaming Distribution, PUT Streaming Distribution)?

You can use Amazon's CloudFront Web Service to deliver your content fast and with no latency to your end clients. To deliver the content using CloudFront, you need to create CloudFront Distributions . Dependng on the type of content you plan to deliver, you can create Download (for HTTP and HTTPS Delivery) or Streaming (for RTMP delivery) Distribution. You can serve your streaming media content to the client through STREAMING DISTRIBUTION. To stream media files, you will need to provide two things to your users- Media Files and Media Players. Streaming distributions are designed specifically to serve streaming media files over RTMP (Real Time Message Protocol).

You can update Public Streaming Distribution by sending the GET and PUT Request either using Amazon CloudFront API GET Streaming Distribution and PUT Streaming Distribution OR using Bucket Explorer User Interface. To use Amazon CloudFront API, you will need to write your own software program, however, if you do not want to write your program, you can use Bucket Explorer User Interface to Update Public Streaming Distribution using mouse clicks.

The below two sections describe how you can Update Public Streaming Distribution using the GET and PUT request in your code or using Bucket Explorer.

1. Using REST API

To update a streaming distribution using CloudFront API:
  • Perform a GET Streaming Distribution Config request to fetch the current configuration and the Etag header for the distribution.
  • Update the XML document that was returned in response to your GET Streaming Distribution Config request.
  • Submit a PUT Streaming Distribution Config request to update distribution with updated XML document.

Syntax: GET Streaming Distribution Config Request

GET /2013-05-12/streaming-distribution/ distribution ID HTTP/1.1
Authorization: AWS authentication string
Date: time stamp
Other required headers

Syntax: PUT Streaming Distribution Config Request

POST /2013-05-12/streaming-distribution/ distribution Id /config HTTP/1.1
If-Match: value from ETag header in previous GET response
Authorization: AWS authentication string
Other required headers
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<CallerReference> unique description for this distribution </CallerReference>
<DNSName> CloudFront domain name assigned to the distribution </DNSName>
<Quantity> number of CNAME aliases </Quantity>
<Comment> comment about the distribution </Comment>
<Enabled>true | false</Enabled>
<Bucket> Amazon S3 bucket for logs </Bucket>
<Prefix> prefix for log file names </Prefix>
<Quantity> number of trusted signers </Quantity>
<AwsAccountNumber>self | AWS account that can create
signed URLs </AwsAccountNumber>
<PriceClass> maximum price class for the distribution </PriceClass>
<Enabled>true | false</Enabled>

2. Steps to update Public streaming distribution using Bucket Explorer

  1. Run Bucket Explorer.
  2. List Distribution using option Distribution -> List Distribution .
  3. Select desired streaming distribution to be updated and click on Update button.
  4. It will open update streaming distribution panel.
  5. Make desired updates in your distribution and click on Update button.