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Release Note : Bucket Explorer Google Storage 2011.09

Bucket Sharing

Bucket Explorer for Google Storage provides facility to share object(s) and Bucket(s) with Google Storage registered user by Email ID or owner ID in ACL Preferences box. It adds a new row in ACL Preferences box for User Name and a user can give desired permission for that E-mail ID. A user can also share and access Bucket with un-registered user by providing ACLs permissions like Read only, Write only etc.

Customized the bucket location as Europe or US

A user can create Bucket in Europe or US using Bucket Explorer Google Storage. Create Bucket option shows user both the locations from where anyone can be selected.

"Hide/Unhide bucket" option

It facilitates user to hide the entire un-required buckets from the main bucket space holder and reduce the time to be taken to search the required bucket. A user can also unhide entire hidden bucket whenever she needs. It prevents gathering of unnecessary buckets and objects that puzzle user to select her needed objects. Thus user can retrieve her needed data more frequently. It also secures data that can be altered by other users, if user uses this option for security purpose.

Upload files with custom headers

Bucket Explorer Google Storage provides Upload with custom header in which a user has to specify Keys and value that will be displayed in Object properties . This information helps the receiver to understand the file details without opening it. We can understand this Example: From:, here From is a key and is it's value.

Upload files in HTML format for Web Hosting

Bucket Explorer Google Storage provides user a facility to upload file in Html format by right click option so that a user can Browse her file directly on Browser through it's web URL .

Intimation for new Google Storage User

When a user runs Bucket Explorer Google Storage first time and there is no buckets in her account, it prompts user that You should create your first bucket on Google Storage. Just after this prompt, It prompts the " create bucket " dialog box. It is useful for a new user as a guide.

Nick name option

Name option after Access Key and Secret key is used for storing user's name with Access Key and Secret Key. Quick connect menu shows Name, and if you click on name, automatically access key and secret key will be stored and authentication will be done.

Transfer Panel/Copy-move operation:

The new Transfer Panel of Bucket Explorer comes with a modified copy/move feature which can be used to copy or move in different buckets of same region in same Google Storage account  . So now there is no need to open new instance of Bucket Explorer to copy/move files to different Buckets . User can perform all the operations such as upload/download/delete, setting ACL etc related to bucket and its object using this transfer panel.

Introducing Bucket Commander :

Bucket Commander is a command line tool for Google Storage . You can configure Bucket Commander for upload, download and copy operations. It also supports command line scheduling of upload, download and bucket copy operations i.e. you can use it to take backup of one bucket's files in another bucket on schedule.

Advanced Comparer Panel:

With the need of fast and accurate document comparison becoming more and more vital, we have now enhanced this version of Bucket Explorer as a Simple and easy User Interface of comparer. You can do wide range of Comparison as follows-

1.Compare data (files/folder) of Local file system with the Bucket/Objects stored at Google Storage.
2.Compare data of Local file system.
3.Compare data within same Google Storage account.
4.Compare data in one Google Storage account with data in another Google Storage account.

Search On Objects:

Bucket Explorer facilitates its users to perform search on objects in bucket. Search provides the facility to find objects on the basis of keyword. This is an advance search option provided on object Table. So by providing only few key words (prefix or delimiter or both) we can search for particular object in long object listing. These key words make your search more specific and accurate. You can view search objects list in Full path view as well as in folder view by clicking on show full path button on object tool bar. You can view your searched information below object tool bar in blue colored text. Search session continues till you refresh object list or click  "Switch To Normal List"  .

Bucket Explorer Comparer Panel:

As your need of fast and accurate document comparisons makes you choose any other comparison software to compare your file(s), we have now provided it in Bucket Explorer as an exclusive feature. You can use  "Bucket Explorer Comparer"  to compare files of all types including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, Text, HTML, XML, and more. The Comparer panel comes with an attractive User Interface to compare file(s) within your local system, files within your Google Storage bucket from same and different account. You can also compare whole bucket from same or different account. The Comparer Panel facilitates you to perform some basic operations as Upload, Download, Copy, Move.

Batch Update Google Storage ACL :

Bucket Explorer provides a feature to  update ACL (Access control listing) in bulk  . You can use this feature to update ACL of all objects in selected bucket or can also update ACL for all selected objects. This process is performed in queue which helps you to see the statistics.

Batch Update Google Storage Metadata :

Bucket Explorer's provides a feature to  update metadata on objects in bulk  . You use this feature to update (Add, Edit and Delete) metadata of all objects in bucket or all selected objects. This process is performed in queue which helps you to see the statistics.

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