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Bucket Explorer Google Storage all versions

Change Description Version Release Date
Release Note
  • Support for create Regional Bucket with Durable Reduced Availability Storage.
  • Support for Access Logs that provide information for all of the requests made on a specified bucket and storage consumption of that bucket for the last day.
  • Added feature Website Configuration to configure static websites.
  • Create Signed URLs for objects to share them for limted period.
2013.10.01.01 22 nd Oct 2013
Release Note
  • Much improved performance and latest security patches with the upgrade to latest versions of all libraries and open source software included in Bucket Explorer Google Storage.
  • The enhancements introduced with this release will allow you to leverage the latest features of the open source software including Jets3t.
2011.12.01.01 06 th Jan 2012
First Release

This is the first release of the Bucket Explorer Google Storage.

 Important features include:

  • Create Bucket.
  • Delete Bucket.
  • Provided queuing and enhanced visualization of Upload, Download, Copy, Move, Rename.
  • Batch operations for updating ACL and Metadata.
  • Commander and Easy Commander Configuration.
  • Quick Comparer and many more.
  • Provide Bucket Sharing.
  • Provide Drag and Drop.
  • Provide Export to CSV.
  • Provide Search on Objects.
  • Provide Generate Web URLs.
  • Provide Advanced Comparer Panel for Compare, Copy, Move, Upload, Download, Rename.
2011.09.03.03 23 rd Sep 2011

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