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Features and Benefits of Bucket Explorer Google Storage

Bucket Explorer is well known name as a third party tool for Amazon S3. Now Bucket Explorer is available for Google Storage Web Service too. This version is released with its Basic and Bucket Explorer's special features. Click here to download latest version of  Bucket Explorer for Google Storage.

New Create Durable Reduced Availability Bucket :

Bucket Explorer started supports to create bucket Durable Reduced Availability Storage, it enables users to store data at lower cost and lower availability than standard Google Cloud Storage. You can create DRA bucket in all eight locations - US, EU, US-EAST1, US-EAST2, US-EAST3, US-CENTRAL1, US-CENTRAL2 and US-WEST1.

New Bucket Logging:

Now user can view and download access logs and storage data in the form of CSV files using Bucket Explorer's Bucket Logging feature. Access logs provide information for all of the requests made on a specified bucket and this logs are created hourly, while the daily storage logs provide information about the storage consumption of that bucket for the last day.

New Website Configuartion:

Bucket Explorer provide a way to set website configuration on Bucket that enables users to configure a Google Cloud Storage bucket to simulate the behavior of a static website. Website Configuration parameters will only affect requests directed to CNAME aliases of

Nick Name Option :

Name option after Access Key and Secret Key is used for storing user's name. Quick connect menu shows Name , and if you click on name, automatically Access Key and Secret Key will be stored and authentication will be done.

Intimation for New Google Storage User :

Bucket Explorer prompts at startup to Create Bucket  if there is no Bucket(s) in your Google Storage Account.

Show Balloon Tool Tip with Create Bucket Icon :

If you have less than 5 buckets in your account, it will show a "Balloon" pointed towards the Create Bucket icon.

Proxy Support :

Bucket Explorer facilitates you to connect with Google Storage with proxy server, like Basic authentication, NTLM authentication etc.

Create Bucket in US and EU locations :

Now Bucket Explorer supports to create STANDARD Google Cloud Storage buckets for two locations that are US and EU . Bucket Explorer supports all feature on these two locations.

Upload Files in HTML Format for Web Hosting :

This option of Bucket Explorer provides you a facility of uploading file(s) in HTML format so that you can browse your file directly on Browser through its web URL.

Upload Files with Custom Headers :

Bucket Explorer provides Upload with custom header option in which you need to specify keys and value that will be displayed in Object properties.

Fast Upload :

Bucket Explorer copies the files being uploaded to the Bucket Explorer's temp folder before uploading them to Google Storage, but it slows down the uploading process when files are too big, because copying files from source to temp folder takes time, Bucket Explorer supports a feature to skip it for fast uploading. By default Bucket Explorer skip this process but if you want to save uploaded files to Bucket Explorer temp then you can change tag value of CopyToTempBeforeUpload as true in BuckteExplorer.xml file.

Fast Listing :

Two step process of listing in Bucket Explorer i.e. listing the files and get their ACLs from Google Storage, supports rapid listing of objects in Bucket. It also provides user a facility to stop fetching of ACLs. This is useful for those users who have large amount of files in their Buckets and want to fasten the listing process.

Bucket and Object Properties:

In Bucket Explorer you can see the information about Bucket and Object properties like Bucket Name, Date of creation, Bucket Location(i.e. either US or Europe), Owner ID, Total virtual Folder, Bucket Size, Total Object etc.

  Advance Preferences:

Bucket Explorer now facilitates its users with "Advance Preferences " .These Preferences options helps you to customize your configuration.You can set "Queue Option", "Set Trottle Limit", "Quick Comparer Option", "Automatic Retries in Queue" and you can also configure the "Number of Days to keep queue history".

Throttling of Max Parallel Data in Queue :

With this feature you can upload maximum size of 100 MB files or run 5 threads at a time whose total size could be max 100 MB. If the size of files being uploaded is more than 100 MB then only one thread will run. You can customize this limit by changing the tag value of RunningQueueDataFactor to 1000 in BuckteExplorer.xml file (default tag value is 100 MB).

Make Public & Make Private in ACL :

Make Public option in ACL preferences allows you to give read permission to All Users and Make Private option in ACL preferences allows you to set full permission for owner only

Rename Objects :

Rename Objects feature provides a facility to change name of existing Google Object. In renaming process, first the object is copied with new name and then the older version of object is deleted.

Batch Update Google ACL :

Bucket Explorer provides a new feature to update ACL (Access control listing) in bulk . You can use this feature to update ACL of all objects in selected bucket or can also update ACL for all selected objects. This process is performed in queue which helps you to see the statistics.

Delete and Quick Delete :

We have improved the delete feature in Bucket Explorer with Quick Delete , it provides you a facility to completely delete the Bucket/Objects from Google Storage without saving in system bucket, it deletes Objects in chunks. We have also added Move to Trash and Permanently Delete option on simple delete prompt. Using trash you can keep backup of deleted files and folders.

Automatic Retry for Failed Queue :

Bucket Explorer automatically Retry the failed processes in queue. By default Bucket Explorer retries 3 times and you can customize this retry limit using preferences panel option of Tools menu. This retry also works with Bucket Commander.

Export Object Details to CSV :

You can export the details of objects of the whole bucket or selected object from the bucket at your local system in CSV format. This feature includes object details such as “Size of File, Last Modified date of file, ETAG of file and Name of file” to export. Here you can also define two more exported fields as enclosed by and terminate character (separator) to export.

Improve Generate Web URL :

Now Bucket Explorer providing Web Url Panel, through which you can generate web urls for Google Storage of  HTTP and HTTPs protocol with/without sand box (authentication browser download) and time-limited Signed URLs. It is also providing copy to clipboard feature so you can share your generated url with your friends easily.

Drag and Drop :

Bucket Explorer facilitates you to use Drag and Drop to upload, download and copy the google objects that makes your work fast and easy. You can pick your native file(s) then start dragging those file(s) and drop onto the object table of Bucket Explorer. The dropped file will be uploaded to Google Storage in your selected bucket. You can also upload file(s) from local file explorer situated over left side of Bucket Explorer main window, by simply start dragging selected file(s) and dropping to object table. You can download in similar fashion. If you have two instances of Bucket Explorer opened then you can copy your google objects by dragging selected google objects from source ( object table of one instance) and dropping onto the destination (object table of another instance).

Search On Objects:

Bucket Explorer facilitates its users to perform search on objects in bucket . Search provides the facility to find objects on the basis of keyword. This is an advance search option provided on object Table. So by providing only few key words (prefix or delimiter or both) we can search for particular object in long object listing. These key words make your search more specific and accurate. You can view search objects list in Full path view as well as in folder view by clicking on show full path button on object tool bar. You can view your searched information below object tool bar in blue colored text. Search session continues till you refresh object list or click "Switch To Normal List" .

Bucket Explorer Comparer Panel:

As your need of fast and accurate document comparisons makes you choose any other comparison software to compare your file(s), we have now provided it in Bucket Explorer as an exclusive feature of comparer . You can use "Bucket Explorer Comparer" to compare files of all types including MS Word, Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, RTF, Text, HTML, XML, and more. The Comparer panel comes with an attractive User Interface to compare file(s) within your local system, files within your Google Storage bucket from same and different account. You can also compare whole bucket from same or different account. The Comparer Panel facilitates you to perform some basic operations as Upload, Download, Copy, Move.

Transfer Panel:

Bucket Explorer facilitates its users to perform Copy/Move operation with easy and attractive User Interface called "Transfer panel" . You can Copy/Move a bucket and its objects within same account without opening new instance of Bucket Explorer. Transfer panel is having left and right panel to list objects or bucket of your Google Account. It provides ease to select the objects to copy/move from either side. The middle panel contains control button to perform copy and move operation on both side. Transfer panel also contains Bucket toolbar and object toolbar, so you can also perform many operations on Bucket and Its objects.

Bucket Commander:

Bucket commander is a command line tool for Google Storage. Where in case of Bucket Explorer you do all operations manually, Bucket Commander helps you in Scheduling and Automation of upload/download/and copy features. Bucket Commander is a separate product. So in order to schedule and automate upload/download/copy operation on command line, you need to purchase Bucket Commander as a separate product. You will get separate license to run the application.

Command Line Version of Bucket Explorer- Bucket Commander :

Bucket Commander is a command line tool for Google Storage . You can configure Bucket Commander for upload, download and copy operations. It also supports command line scheduling of upload, download and bucket copy operations i.e. you can use it to take backup of one bucket's files in another bucket on schedule.

You can also get summary report via Email for the confirmation of completion of command line operations.

Batch Update Google Storage Metadata :

Bucket Explorer's new version has been introduced with a new feature to update metadata on objects in bulk . You use this feature to update (Add, Edit and Delete) metadata of all objects in bucket or all selected objects. This process is performed in queue which helps you to see the statistics.

Quick comparer in Queue operation :

Bucket Explorer provides a new feature of ' Quick comparer '. This feature compares only Name and Size of local file with existing Google Storage file instead of Name and Hash value of file. So it will take very less time for comparison during Upload, Download, Copy and other operations. This feature also facilitates you to choose Overwrite, Skip, Skip All and Overwrite All, for the existing objects/ files.

Version and Trash :

Bucket Explorer's new version provides new feature of versioning and trash bin to avoid loss of data due to accidental delete. There are two system Buckets in Bucket Explorer named as us.bucketexplorer.md5 (Owner ID) and eu.bucketexplorer.md5 (Owner ID), these system buckets contain version and trash folder. Whenever you upload or copy existing files on Google Storage then the older version of those files are moved automatically in version folder, from where you can also copy, move and delete objects and when you delete any file from Google Storage with Move to Trash then that objects automatically gets moved to trash folder. Trash works as Recycle Bin.

Visualization of Parallel Processes in Queue :

Bucket Explorer facilitates you to view all download, upload, and delete operations in a parallel queue from where you can stop, pause or run any selected process. Parallel operations in queue save the time. You can make any process pause at any time and can resume previously stopped processes. Process pending queue starts the process from last state.

"Comparer" and "Compare To" :

These options support you to compare the local file(s)/folder(s) with Google Storage Bucket . You can also download and upload desired file(s) and object(s) in comparer window.

Copy/Move in Same Google Account with Same Location Bucket :

You can Copy/Move object(s) from Source Bucket to Target Bucket in same or different Google Storage account. If objects which are to be copied/moved already exist then it will prompt to overwrite or skip. Here if you select overwrite and if contents are not same then it will be overwritten with new objects and older version of objects will be copied to version folder of System Bucket having object name appended with current date and time.

Run Multiple Instances :

New Window option provides you a facility of working with multiple Bucket Explorer sessions which may be of different storage account or of same account.

Password Protected Google Storage Credential :

Bucket Explorer facilitates you to protect your Google credential just by supplying password when Google Storage credential is being stored locally for fast and secured login. This feature also supports you to save your Google credentials without password on local. When you use this option, your credentials are decrypted with machine name thus you don't need to give password every time, decryption will be done automatically.

Invite Google Storage User for Sharing :

Bucket Explorer provides facility to share Object(s) and Bucket(s) with Google Storage registered user by EmailID or Owner ID (Canonical Id), Google Group ID, Google Group Email ID and Google Apps Domain1.

Hide/Unhide Bucket Option :

It facilitates you to hide the selected Bucket(s) and fasten searching for the required bucket(s). You can also unhide entire hidden buckets whenever needed. It's also useful for the security purpose as it resists any alteration by other user.

Easy Sharing and Accessing of Bucket :

You can share your Bucket with others as well as can access other's Bucket by single click option.

Customize Mime Type(s) :

You can Add, Edit, Remove MIME types through this option.

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