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How to create Google Storage Bucket?

Google Cloud Storage Bucket - Bucket is an item which is always on the top hierarchy of the storage structure. It may have numbers of objects stored in Google storage. An owner of Google Storage account can have full access on the bucket.

By default, Bucket Explorer has “create bucket” screen when you login the first time, or you may not have any bucket in your account. If you have less than 5 buckets in your account, a message "Click here to create bucket" will appear by tool tip in the bucket tool bar every time you login. Every bucket name has a unique name in the Google Storage. Google Storage has a  1000 Bucket  limit for the preview period.

You can a create bucket using Bucket Explorer by a single click. Bucket Explorer will suggest a new name if the bucket name you entered already exists or is invalid with the proper message

New Bucket Explorer started supports to create bucket Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) Storage, it enables users to store data at lower cost and lower availability than standard Google Cloud Storage. You can create DRA bucket in all these locations .

Create Bucket for Google Storage

Follow these steps to create a new Google Storage bucket:

  1. Connect to Google Storage Account using Bucket Explorer.
  2. Click the " Create   Bucket" create Google Storage bucket tool button or you can do same by right clicking on bucket panel and click on  Create Bucket option.
  3. A create bucket window will appear.
  4. Enter the bucket name you want   [1]   .
  5. Choose Location in which you wish to create Bucket. If you choose location other than US and EU then Google Cloud Storage only allow user to create Regional Bucket, for this you have to select the check box Create Reagional Bucket with Durable Reduced Availability Storage .
  6. Click on " OK " button.
  7. You can see your created bucket in the bucket list after getting a successfully created Bucket message.
  8. Your bucket is now ready to upload number of your data, images, photos etc.

^ Bucket Name : There are some naming constraints for a Bucket name. You need to remember these points while naming a bucket:

  1. Must contain only numbers, dashes (  -  ), lowercase letters, and dots (  .  ). Dots. Bucket names require verification.
  2. A number or letter must be at the first and last position.
  3. Must contain 3 to 63 characters. Names containing dots can contain up to 223 characters, but each dot-separated component can be no longer than 63 characters.
  4. Can not be represented as an IP address in dotted-decimal notation (for example,
  5. Cannot begin with the "goog" prefix.

^ Bucket Locations -

  1. US
  2. EU
  3. US-EAST1
  4. US-EAST2
  5. US-EAST3
  8. US-WEST1


Some Suggestion about  DNS requirements.

  • You should not have a period adjacent to another period or dash. For example, ".." or "-." or ".-" are not acceptable.
  • Object names can contain any sequence of Unicode characters, but the overall name cannot exceed 1024 bytes when UTF-8 encoded.


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