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What are my Google Storage Access and Secret Key?

Click here to login into your Google Storage account to find your access key

Google Storage service is used to store your file and folder. You can use store and retrieve services of Google Storage Server. Google Storage provides  Access Key as User Key and Secret Key as Password to access Google Storage services.

First you have to signup for Google Storage. Once your Google Storage account is activated successfully, you can do upload, download, copy and more operations which are provided by Google Storage service.

To learn more about Google Storage ACCESS Key and SECRET Key, read on.

Google Storage Access Key

It is like a User ID for the Google Storage account. The Key string is the combination of alphanumeric text. One Access Key can not be associated with two accounts.

Google Storage Secret Key

It is like a password for the Google Storage. It is only known by the owner. It is advised that you keep the Secret Key in a safe place.

Now you have these two keys and with these keys,  you can perform all operations supported by Google Storage Service using Bucket Explorer. You can login successfully after providing these two keys if correct; otherwise you will get an appropriate error message.

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