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Frequently Asked Questions

Bucket Explorer :: Amazon S3 Versioning :: About Amazon S3 Versioning

1. Can I share my S3 object's version(s) with my friend?
2. What operations Bucket Explorer supports for versioning?
3. Can I list versions of my existing objects if I enable versioning on my bucket?
4. In which bucket are all versions of objects are created?
5. What benefits do I get by enabling versioning? Is it account specific or bucket specific or object specific?
6. How can different versions of an object be identified uniquely?
7. What is versioning and how can I enable versioning on S3 bucket?
8. How can I get the deleted versioning objects?
9. Can I restore any version object?
10. What is AWS export service?

Can I share my S3 object's version(s) with my friend?

You can definitely share S3 object's version(s) with your friend. The procedure is the same as sharing your S3 objects with your friend. Generate a signed URL for the version object and share the URL with your friend.