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Frequently Asked Questions

Bucket Explorer :: Amazon S3 Versioning :: Bucket Explorer : How it works?

1. How can I get the version of overwritten data in Bucket Explorer?
2. What is Delete marker? How does it differ from version id?
3. How can I refresh my versioning listing?
4. Can I download the older versions of objects, if I can, then how can do that ?
5. I have set the versioning on my bucket but now I want to remove it. Can you tell me how can I remove versioning from my bucket?
6. How can I check on my bucket if versioning is already enabled on that bucket or not?
7. How to delete the version object from bucket?
8. How can I get the deleted versioning objects?
9. How can I restore any version object?
10. How can I enable MFA delete?
11. Versioning is not enabled on my bucket & I have overwritten my object mistakenly. Now I have enabled versioning on it. Can I now recover my old document?

How can I get the version of overwritten data in Bucket Explorer?

If S3 versioning is enabled on your S3 bucket, you can easily list the deleted/overwritten version. To do this, right click on the bucket and select ” List All Versions ” option . But if S3 versioning is not enabled, there are two system buckets for US and Europe, which store version and trash of overwritten and deleted objects respectively. Select the system bucket (US/EU) according to your bucket's locations (US/EU/US-West/AP-SouthEast-1) and open the Version folder. Here, you can see the version of overwritten object with their name appended with date and time.

Note:  The objects overwritten or deleted from US or US-West buckets are stored in the US system bucket and objects overwritten or deleted from EU or AP-SouthEast-1 are stored in EU buckets.