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Frequently Asked Questions

Bucket Explorer :: General Information about Bucket Explorer :: General Bucket Explorer

1. How to register for a new account in Amazon S3?
2. How and where can I give my feedback about Bucket Explorer?
3. Why should I create a bucket in Singapore region?
4. Can I change the Storage Class for bulk objects?
5. Can I use Bucket Default to set the Storage Class to be used while uploading?
6. How will I know about the latest version of Bucket Explorer?
7. Does Bucket Explorer support drag and drop feature? I am a MAC user and it will be great if Bucket Explorer allows me to Upload/Download using Drag and Drop.
8. Why can't I not perform copy, restore, download and update ACL operations on deleted objects?
9. How can I manage topics according to region end points?
10. When I run the exe file of bucket explorer I got a message "Please extract the archived folder before running the executable file".What is the problem?
11. Can I set bucket default while updating metadata?
12. How much do I pay to Amazon?
13. Can I make my streaming distribution as private content?
14. Can I download S3 data uploaded by CloudBerry S3 tool?
15. What are the steps to open Log folder using Bucket Explorer UI?
16. Does Bucket Explorer provides drag and drop feature for uploading a file?
17. Why is there no queue for a single file operation?
18. How can I share the older version of a file with my friends for a limited period of time?
19. How to create a bucket in "US-West (Northern California) location using Bucket Explorer?
20. What are the different types of region where we can create a bucket?
21. How can I search all .png files in my bucket?
22. Is there a way to find all objects, whose names start with a particular letter?
23. How many files can I store in my Amazon S3 account?
24. Can I compare all objects with existing ones in my bucket before overwriting them?
25. I want to move all objects of my bucket to another Amazon account? Is that possible?
26. Can I compare two Amazon S3 buckets?
27. Can I compare objects in two different folders of the same Amazon S3 bucket?
28. Why do you provide upload/ download in comparer panel?
29. What are the proxy settings?
30. What are the properties of a bucket?
31. What is the utility of process pending queue?
32. What is the utility of transfer queue history?
33. Why am I seeing the message "Please extract the archived folder before running the executable file"?
34. How to authorize my AWS account to access Amazon S3 Service?
35. What would happen if my system has low disk space while downloading from Amazon S3?
36. What is the advantage of using canonical id in sharing buckets?
37. How to Download Bucket Explorer from the website?
38. How to install Bucket Explorer?
39. Is ACL preserved when metadata is updated?
40. Is metadata preserved when ACL is updated?
41. Can I get ETAG for more than 5 GB file size?
42. Why am I not seeing system buckets on start-up?
43. What does Advance Generate Web URL serves us?
44. What does Bookmarks mean?
45. What's the meaning of the activity "Calculating hash of the file"?
46. How to remove any Bookmark?
47. What is filter upload and download?
48. What is Server Side Encryption (SSE)?
49. What is Quick search?
50. What is customize toolbar?
51. What is Storage Calculator?
52. What is Object life cycle?
53. How can I configure my objects to be deleted after a specific period of time?
54. What is the maximum limitation of object life cycle?
55. What is the difference between Search by Prefix and Search by Prefix and Delimiter?
56. Why am I asked for my secret key?
57. What options do I have for encrypting data stored in Amazon S3?
58. Can I share S3 object to my friend?
59. What is the maximum size limit of a single file to be uploaded on S3 using Bucket Explorer?
60. Can I share S3 object to my friend?
61. Is Metadata preserved in an overwritten file in S3?

How to register for a new account in Amazon S3?

Open the page then  sign up for Amazon S3 and click on the Sign Up button on the right side of the page. After that fill up different signup wizards. After completing the Sign up process you will get your AWS Access Key and Secret Key.
You can get more information on how to register for a new account in Amazon S3 on this link:
Steps to sign-up for Amazon Simple Storage Service