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Frequently Asked Questions

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1. How can I share S3 bucket with other Amazon users?
2. How to work with third party bucket on Amazon S3?
3. How to generate Amazon S3 signed URL’s for S3 objects?
4. How to share & access songs & videos?
5. I want to share my bucket with someone, but I don’t want to pay for that bucket. I just want him to pay for his own operations. Can I do that?
6. I had set requester pays on my bucket but now I want to remove it from my bucket, how can I do that?
7. How to remove third party bucket?
8. How to add third party bucket after updating ACL?
9. How to access shared bucket from Transfer Panel?
10. How can I access shared bucket of my friend?
11. How to change the Amazon S3 ACL permissions?
12. How to share an Amazon S3 bucket & object with an unregistered user?
13. How to update files access control list?
14. How to add a new user in ACL of bucket?
15. How to set permissions for all users for a bucket?
16. How can I remove my shared bucket?
17. What is "Add access by email id"? Can I use it to control access to my objects from different user groups?

How can I share S3 bucket with other Amazon users?

You can share your S3 bucket with other Amazon user at Tools -> Bucket Sharing -> Share my Bucket with a friend .
After selecting the bucket to be shared, select Add Access by Email/Canonical-ID option on ACL window and enter the E-mail address or Canonical-ID. Give permissions (ACL) to your friend and save it.

If you want to share your buckets/data within a team and want to control the access from different team users, you can use  Bucket Explorer Team Edition 2.0 .