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Frequently Asked Questions

Bucket Explorer :: General Information about Bucket Explorer :: Bucket Explorer Definitions

1. What is a bucket? Why do you call it Bucket Explorer?
2. What is virtual hosting?
3. What is multipart upload? How can it be provided by Bucket Explorer?
4. What is metadata on S3?
5. What are AWS Access Key and Secret Key? Why do I need these keys to run Bucket Explorer?
6. What is parallel queue processing?
7. What is ACL & how to use it?
8. What is third party bucket?
9. What is the difference between Amazon S3 & Amazon CloudFront?
10. What is system bucket and what is its use in Amazon S3 operations?
11. What is quick delete?

What is a bucket? Why do you call it Bucket Explorer?

Every object stored in S3 is placed in a bucket. A bucket is simply a way to group objects together and aggregate them for the purpose of usage tracking. 

It provides interface to explore & manage the data stored in Amazon S3 Buckets. That's why we call it Bucket Explorer.