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Frequently Asked Questions

Bucket Explorer :: Amazon S3 Versioning :: General Bucket Explorer

1. What is Delete marker? How does it differ from version id?
2. Why this message “The device with such serial number that generated token is not owned by the authenticated user” is being displayed?
3. How can I check on my bucket if versioning is already enabled on that bucket or not?
4. Versioning is not enabled on my bucket & I have overwritten my object mistakenly. Now I have enabled versioning on it. Can I now recover my old document?
5. Can any user see the version of my object by list version?
6. What operations does Bucket Explorer support for versioning?
7. Is Bucket Explorer saving any history of versioning deletion?
8. Can I restore any deleted version object?
9. What are the basic steps in copying version object?
10. Can I download the older versions of objects, if I can, then how can I do that ?
11. Why this message “The serial number and/or token code you provided is not valid” is being displayed?

What is Delete marker? How does it differ from version id?

Delete Marker- A Delete Marker is created to represent the fact that a user has performed a DELETE operation on the object. Delete Marker indicates who and when the DELETE operation was performed.
Version Id- Every version of an object in your bucket can be uniquely identified by a key and an alphanumeric system-generated id called version id.
Difference- The Delete Marker has a version id; however it has no data associated with it other than a Creation Date and Owner (whoever performed the DELETE).